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Provide details of how your innovative solution will fuel the growth of industry and innovation in Stockport.

Please email us about your Low Carbon Innovation, outlining the following key points –

  • Name, contact details
  • What is your Low Carbon innovation / idea  
  • Tell us about you, how you have come up with your innovation & the experience/skills you have that have helped/will help you be successful
  • What your Low Carbon innovation/idea is, its purpose & its benefits - Briefly outline what makes your innovative idea/solution unique or different to what is already on offer
  • What is the market opportunity available to you and how does your product/products fit into it
  • Who are/will you be selling your innovation/idea to? Who are your potential customers & how will your innovation/idea generate revenue?

After you have registered your entry, there will be a requirement to submit a more detailed plan which outlines your innovation, target markets, competitors, growth plans, financial performance & business objectives, which will be used as part of the shortlisting process to select the top ten. The selected Pioneer 10 will then take part in a growth programme of specialist coaching and support, leading up to a final pitch event to our panel of expert judges for the 2022 Low Carbon Pioneer10 Stockport cash & business support award.