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Read how Pioneers reached new heights and continue to innovate in their fields.

Emma Ryan


Wattl’s unique video sharing platform is an innovative way in which videos are brought together in one place for people to enjoy, making it easier for users to watch and share content. It also provides companies with the opportunity to share their videos with wider audiences.

“Our business is all about video discovery on smartphones, tablet devices and the web, something that has huge growth potential. Myself and my co-founder Matthew are absolutely thrilled to win Pioneer 10 and the support we’ll receive through the programme, including an office at SBIC, will really help us develop our exciting new venture. We believe we are the right type of business to join the SBIC community due to our commitment to innovation, our high ambitions and our willingness and passion to be involved and help the local community within the Centre.”

Web: wat.tl

Robert Hezel & Dave Roe

Film My Match

A start-up company which provides filming and analysis services to sports at all levels of participation has won the 2017 Pioneer 10 Stockport Grand Final. Film My Match has a strong pipeline of filming and editing work already secured with both elite level organisations (such as the Football Association) and a wide range of grassroots sports teams.

“There is a strong and growing appetite for capturing games, either to analyse performance or create memories that can be shared with family and friends and give a big feel occasion for athletes at any level. The concept has been really well received.

We are delighted to win. We are in just our second year of trading and access to the expertise provided via the competition – including an office to be based from here at SBIC – will allow us to make much quicker progress – which is very motivating.”


Previous Spark winner Chris Jarratt accepts the award for Bariquins

Chris Jarratt


A company that produces 25-stone mannequins which will be used to train emergency personnel and healthcare workers to safely lift obese people has won the 2015 Spark Business competition.
The judges commended the innovative business idea for its growth potential and for addressing issues around a global health problem. Many people in their working lives are required to lift or manoeuvre people who are suffering from obesity & incorrectly handling can result in musculoskeletal injuries to the handler or subject.

“Winning the Spark competition endorses my idea as a viable business model. Having not run my own business before, there was always a doubt in the back of my mind, but winning this gives me the confidence to take my idea on to the next level. It really is the cherry on the cake.”


William Prentice Previous Pioneer 10 Winner

Will Prentice

Elite Scooters

Elite Scooters is a premium freestyle scooter brand and as a professional scooter rider, Will’s business idea was born out of his frustration with the quality of scooter components. Since becoming a Pioneer, Will now has his own factory, international distribution and has started two other businesses in the same market. With plans to set up his own distribution company the future is looking extremely bright.

“The ongoing support from  Pioneer 10 has been amazing.  I have been surrounded by experts who have strength in areas that I have no experience in, and this has allowed me to accelerate the growth of my business.  There is  no way the business would be where it is today without the support of Pioneer 10.”


Previous Pioneer 10 Winner Holding his winners award stood next to judge Nicola Denny

Jude Kenny and Stacey Barthorpe

Molly Mae

The business had plateaued so we were looking for help with the next step forward. We needed some expertise and it had to be impartial. That’s why we entered the Spark competition.

 “The benefits of winning have been great. We’ve been introduced to people with expertise, for example a marketing professional who has advised on e-commerce and email marketing. We didn’t have the time look for this expertise, let alone build relationships. It’s a great shortcut to networking! We will also get assistance with business finances and sales forecasting. This will let us keep a firmer grip on where we are and help us to put new commercial processes in place. This kind of initiative is worth doing. It makes you stop and think about your business. It forces you to take time to plan. It’s a focussing exercise that’s ideal for any size of business. Winning is an extra bonus.”


Stefan Richter Previous Pioneer 10 Winner Holding his winners award stood next to a judge

Stefan Richter


Scribblar is an online whiteboard and tutoring platform that allows tutors, schools and universities to collaborate and tutor online. Stefan has been working with the Pioneer 10 team for over 2 years and since gaining this support has been able to invest in product development and expand his target market.

“Although I run a business, I did not really see myself as a business person. I don’t necessarily ask myself the right questions, and working on your own is quite hard sometimes as you don’t challenge yourself enough. The Pioneer 10 team really made me look at the business from a different perspective and clearly identify the core areas where the business could grow.”